North Carolina Homebuyers, LLC
North Carolina Homebuyers, LLC
Do you need to sell your home FAST?
We'll handle your transaction quickly and professionally with no hassles!

If you are facing any of the following,


Behind On Payments
Job Transfer

    Vacant House       
Out of state owner/landlord    

          Need extensive repairs           

      Have 2 House payments      
  Need Debt Relief

Inherited a home

You can count on North Carolina Homebuyers to help you sell your house fast. Sometimes life can put you in a bind that makes you realize "I need to sell my house fast." North Carolina Homebuyers can help!!  From the moment you call us and say "sell my home" to the day you have the money from the sale in hand, you'll realize we do things differently. There are many companies that buy houses, but we treat you as though we are doing business with family. We want to help end the worry and the sleepless nights you have spent wondering how you were going to sell your house fast!  Even if you have not had much luck selling your house via the For Sale by Owner listings or traditional methods, North Carolina Homebuyers can help.
  We buy homes in Raleigh,  Durham,  Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Chapel Hill and throughout the Triangle.

This is how we can help.  First, we give you a firm and fair offer.  With that offer comes our pledge to close in as little as nine days.  Since we buy houses as-is, "ugly" or not, there's no need to spruce it up or repair it and pour more money into the property. We'll do that for you.  No real estate agents will be taking a percentage of the sale of your home.  You won't pay a single cent in closing costs.  You'll have a personal advisor to answer all of your questions and address all of your needs so you can sell your home fast and with confidence.

We realize that every homeowner's situation is unique. The things we take into
consideration when we look to buy a house and make a fair offer are age and condition, cost of necessary repairs, the relative worth of other homes of comparable value and condition in the area, and how long those homes took to sell given the market conditions. When it comes to the condition of a home, North Carolina Homebuyers knows that every house could use some work, so we buy houses in any condition.   If you're on the other side of the coin and looking to buy a house, we can easily help with that, too! To top it all off, we don't charge any fees whatsoever for our services. What are you waiting for? Sell your home fast! Contact us today for an instant offer.


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